Mugu Peak Letterbox
Mugu Peak Letterbox

(placed 8.7.99)

Approximately 4 miles round trip part of which is a bit steep. Allow 4-5 hours for this box

For USGS Topographic Map use Pt Mugu 7.5 minute quadrangle.

There is no potable water on this trail. There may however be poison oak.

Hunt this box at your own risk

This is a semi-orphaned box in that the owner can only check on it every
few years. Please make sure it remains well hidden.

This letterbox is in Pt Mugu State Park in the Santa Monica Mountains.

The entrance to the park is off of Pacific Coast Highway north of Malibu.

Pull into the parking area for the La Jolla Canyon trailhead across from
the Thornhill Broome State Beach,

From the parking lot continue inland to the La Jolla Canyon trailhead.

The trail climbs up the canyon passing a waterfall (If the creek is not

Some distance above the waterfall the Mugu Peak trail splits off to the
left, there should be a trail marker.

After splitting off the trail levels out and makes a broad horseshoe bend
passing to the other side of the canyon.

You will pass an intersection with another trail and cross a creek before
the trail starts climbing in earnest. Again there should be a trail
marker to guide you.

The trail ascends to the top of Mugu peak (1256 feet) where you will find
a stone cairn and a notebook that you can sign.

From this cairn there is a lower peak at 90 degrees magnetic. Retrace your
steps towards this peak and hike to the top of it. You will have to leave
the main trail.

As you stand on the summit there is a small out crop of rock on a bearing
of 88 degrees which is to the right of a larger outcrop.

Starting in front of the small outcrop walk 10 paces on 20 degrees.

The Box is now at 130 degrees 6 feet away sandwiched between two nearly
horizontal layers of rock,

You will have to remove one or two smaller rocks to uncover the box.

Please be aware of the potential for snakes as your search for this box
and exercise caution as you remove rocks.

Please make sure the box is completely hidden in the same manner before
you leave.

On a clear day you should be able to enjoy a view of the channel islands.

Hunt this box at your own risk


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