Norvin Green Letterbox
Norvin Green Letterbox (formerly Weiss Ecology Center Letterbox)

The Weiss Ecology Center is in NO WAY responsible for this letterbox.

For USGS Topographic map use Wanaque 7.5 minute quadrangle.

Alternatively, one can obtain the North Jersey Trails maps from the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference.
Norvin green trails are on Map 21. These maps are on sale at the Weiss Ecology Center. Although not to as fine a scale as the 7.5 min quads, they are printed on Tyvek and do indicate the color of the trail blazes so I recommend them highly.

The telephone number for the center is (973) 835-2160.

The URL is

Some portions of the trails may be on private land and acsess to these areas may change. It is the responsibility of the each individual to acertain the conditions and acessability of the trails BEFORE searching for this box.

This is about a 5 mile round trip. Parts of the trail are steep. Allow 4-5 hours for this box.

The steep portions of the trail could be hazardous under icy conditions and should not be attempted at those times. There are alternative trails that can be taken that are less steep and less scenic. It is the seekers responsibility to become familiar with these alternatives.

This letterbox is actually on public land in the Norvin Green State

The clues start at the Weiss Ecology Center 150 Snake Den Rd. Ringwood,

To get to the starting point take highway 287 to exit 55. Go approx 4
miles north on county route 511 just past the skyline diner turn left on West
Brook Rd.

The road crosses the reservoir and passes a junction with Stonetown Rd
(keep left). A half a mile past this junction turn left on Snake Den Rd.
Drive uphill bearing left to the parking area on the right just before the
gate to the Ecology center.

Trail brochures and NY-NJ Trails Conference topgraphic maps can be obtained at the visitor center.

Take the blue trail (Hewitt Butler trail) on the left of Snake Den Rd. southwwest of the Ecology Center.

Follow the blue blazes as the trail ascends steeply until you find your
self on top of a large granite monolith with a clear view to the east.

As you continue onward you should pass a turnoff for the red trail which
leads to a high point (elev 900) where one can see Manhattan (on a clear day).

Follow the blue trail as it descends and then climbs in succession.
Eventually you will find your self on another summit (1000) where the yellow
blazed trail starts.

The high point on the red trail should be clearly visible at 20 degrees

Continue to follow the blue trail as it descends into a shaded valley.
Just before you reach the creek the white trail splits off to the left. Stay on
the blue trail as it goes right and crosses the creek.

80 paces after crossing the creek you will find a tree with its trunk
split in three on the left.

50 paces further down the trail is a tree with its trunk split in two.

From that tree head uphill on a bearing of 340 degrees magnetic to a rock

Starting from the large flat boulder walk 30 paces on 320 deg to a split
trunk tree.

Five feet from that tree on 120 deg is the box under a rock next to a
rotting stump.

To return there are 3 choices

1. Either retrace your steps.

2. Follow the white trail that you passed as it heads back north. It will intersect the red trail after a litte more than a mile. turn right onto the red trail and continue on the trail for slightly less than a mile where you will intersect Snake Den rd. at the parking lot north of the ecology center. This alternative covers easy terrain.

3. Also on relatively easy terrain. Continue west on the blue trail until it intersects the green trail heading north. Follow the green trail north to Snake Den Road

Hunt this box at your own risk


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