Dry Waterfall Letterbox Ver 2.0
Dry Waterfall Letterbox Ver. 2.0

This box was moved from its original position and the clues were changed to reflect this new placement. The clues are now much more precise.

This box is in the Mojave Desert. Daytime temperatures can exceed 100 degrees. Be wary of rattlesnakes and other poisonous animals. Take plenty of water. This box should take 1.5 hours roundtrip including hunting time.

This box is in Red Rock Canyon SP. From Mojave go 25 miles north on CA 14.

Start at the head of the Hagen Canyon trail and hike SSW following the trail markers.

You will pass a wooden bench on the Right

The trail is in the form of a loop so you will come to a point where the trail splits. Take the trail to the right as indicated by the trail post.

Four trail posts past the point where the trail splits the trail crosses a well defined wash.
(The next trail post over is between two low grey cliffs capped with red rock)

This is the wash that you will follow "upstream" until you reach the end of a box canyon.

When you can follow this wash no further ( you reach a rock face) you have reached the dry waterfall.

From the base of the Dry Waterfall walk back 95 steps down the wash (from whence you came)

On your left you will find two massive boulders on the bank of the wash. This is just before the wash makes a left followed by right turn

From the "downstream" side lf the largest of the two boulders there is a distinctive rock formation at the top of the cliff at 40 degrees magnetic.

From the northeatern-most corner of the boulder walk 14 steps at 315 degrees to a bush. (This will take you up the side of the wash) If ther has been significant erosion since this box was placed you may have to scramble a bit. It was a relatively gentle slope when the box was placed.

From the bush take 3 steps NE and 6 steps WNW. This should take you to a blue/green and red boulder next to a red igneous bouldre and a bush. The box is between these boulders under a pile of small rocks.

Be very careful retrieving this box! There are poisionous snakes and insects along with other wildlife with teeth that may be sharing space with this letterbox To avoid the possiblity of snakebite use your walking stick to probe for the box.

Red Rock Canyon SP This is a Link to Red Rock Canyon state park
Hunt this box at your own risk.


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