Providence Mountain Letterbox
Providence Mountain Letterbox

This box is in the Mojave Desert. Daytime temperatures can exceed 100 degrees. Be wary of rattlesnakes and other poisonous animals along with cacti. Take plenty of water.

This box should take 1.5-2 hours roundtrip including hunting time.

From I-40 at Essex take the Mitchell Caverns exit and head north 15.3 mile to visitor center.

From behind the Visitor center take the 0.75 Mile Crystal Springs Trail.

Close to the end you will cross from the south to north side of the ravine. As you do so you will notice the black water pipe running down the ravine. As the trail exits the ravine the trail climbs up and out to a level spot west of a monolith. ENE of the monolith is a lone pinyon.

From the level spot in front of the N face of the monolith go 16 steps on at 328 deg magnetic.

A large exposed rock and the remnants of dead cactus hide what you seek.

Providence Mountains SRA This is a Link to the State Park Website page for Providence Mountains
Hunt this box at your own risk.


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