Joshua Forest Parkway letterbox
Joshua Forest Parkway letterbox

Updated 1/1/11

This is a Roadside box on the Joshua Forest Parkway. Allow 20-30 minutes to find the box. The total distance is about 1/4 mile. All compass bearings are magnetic

This box is in the Mojave Desert. Daytime temperatures can exceed 100 degrees. Be wary of rattlesnakes and other poisonous animals. You may want to use a stick to probe for this box. Take plenty of water.

Halfway between milepost 172 and 173 is a set of picnic tables on the southbound side of the road.

From the northernmost table there is a peak at 116 deg. There is a gate in the fence at 338 deg.

From the other side of the fence is a a set of distinctive boulders at 282 deg

Standing due SW and at the base of the boulders walk on a bearing of 240 deg to the top of the ridge reaching a flat area where
you can see a peak at 206 deg, another peak at 91 deg.

continue SW 85 steps (up slightly then down) again to a flat area where you will see some boulders in front of you and High voltage towers at 253.5 and 251 deg..

Walk 110 steps along a bearing of 150 deg to a barrel cactus and a ocotillo near a small rock pile. Stand on the small hill to the left of the barrel cactus.

Go to the giant stone wall (behind a rocky ridge) at 220 deg 140 steps

From monolith forming SE end of wall take 20 steps on a bearing of 104 deg . There is a four foot long flat rock.

Carefully look under the rock

Beware of poisonous or angry animals.

Hunt this box at your own risk.


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