Morgan Territory Boxes 1& 2
Morgan Territory Boxes 1 & 2

These boxes are in Morgan Terrritory Regional Preserve

From I-580 in Livermore, exit onto N. Livermore Ave. and turn north. Shortly after N. Livermore curves left (west), turn right onto Morgan Territory Road and follow it 10.7 miles to the staging area. From Walnut Creek/Concord, take Clayton Road to Marsh Creek Road, then turn right onto Morgan Territory Road. The staging area is 9.4 miles from Marsh Creek Road.

This is a 5.3 mile loop with some elevation change allow 3 hours to find these boxes. Carry plenty of water and where appropriate shoes and clothing.

Trail maps can be found online at the link below or at the staging area. Study the map to falmiliarize yourself with the route described below prior to seeking these boxes.

Please be aware of the potential for rattlesnakes and other harmful wildife in the area. Excercise caution when retrieving these boxes from their hiding places.

Box 1 : From the Staging area follow the Coyote trail 1.56 miles to the juction with the stone corral trail. Follow the stone corral trail north for 0.66 miles to the junction with the Volvon Trail.

Continue north on the Volvon trail

Stay right at the fork with the Eagle trail and follow the Volvon loop trail to the junction with the valley view trail (0.74 miles fro where you joined the Volvon)

From the post marking the juntion with the Valley view trail continue 60 steps down the Volvon.

At this point you will see a young tree in the grave of an old at 53 deg magnetic and 24 steps away.

What you seek is under the fallen tree on the distal side of the young tree.

Box 2: Continue down the Volvon trail 0.75 miles to the junction with the Blue Oak Trail.

Follow the Blue oak Trail SSE for 0.63 miles to the junction with the Hummingbird Trail

From the post at the junction travel 105 steps down the hummingbird trail where you will reach a large standing dead tree and a pile of dead branches. Starting on the W side of the dead giant, go 44 steps at 285 deg magnetic. Box is in a hollow branch that has fallen from a nearby try. The box is down in the hollow attached by a length of green nylon cord.

Continue west on the hummingbird trail to the junction with the Volvon (0.1 mile).

Follow the Volvon south (0.44 mile) to the junction with the Condor trail.

Folow the Condor trail S to (o.41 mile )the junction with the Volvon which you again follow SW to the staging area where you started

Morgan Territory East Bay Parks website
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