Sun Devil Letterbox 1
Sun Devil Letterbox 1

All bearings magnetic

Start at SE Corner of College and University

Facing Arizona State University sign 118 degrees to Philomathian

From west corner 113 deg 25 steps to timepiece

Stand at bottom step facing 1894

White Gazebo at 91 deg

Follow path S of gazebo ESE to where it intersects path heading ENE in front of archives


Pass Palm Walk
Pass grove of palms and picnic tables (L)

Just pass Tau Beta Pi on R

Semicircular bench on R
Sitting at NW most corner

Go 38 degree 90 steps to AZ state fossil

From W end of fossil go S 60 Steps

W 25 steps

S through courtyard under bridge until brick wall

W past bike racks and olive trees on R

Past Benches on R

To rock garden on R

Go S on Palm lined walk

W at walk parallel to road

Pass circle to fountain

From NE corner of fountain walk to steps at 320 deg under timber work

From top step look N to see a framed structure

From N side of structure you see 3X5X5

At western most 5X5 follow narrow path between buidings (telephone at 211 deg)

Letter building in front of you

Walk S passing 3 olive trees on L reaching a bench on L between two olive trees

Sit on bench facing Payne

Olive tree on R hole in SE side Check for snakes , spiders or scorpions inside first.

Inside and to R

Arizona State University Go Sun Devils
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