Last Letterbox on Route 66
Last Box on Rte 66

Box replaced and clues revised 11/27/2007.

Start at the park at the western most end of Rt 66,

If you go S from Rt 66 you can enjoy the camera obscura.

Go N for the Letterbox--follow the paved path.

As you pass the armed services memorial, look for agaves (in bloom?) on the right.

Pass the heart that holds the namesake of the city.

Pass the sailboat? and cross the street continuing N

Pass a wooden structure and a stone gate then pause to smell the roses.

As the millenium passes you are almost there--go left and stroll among the eucalyptus past the picnic tables.

From the NW end of the last picnic table there is a fence post, just visible above the shrubs, at 206 deg magnetic

At the base of the post on the left hand side buried under sand and leaves is what you seek.

Hunt this box at your own risk.


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