Sun Devil Letterbox 2
Sun Devil Lettterbox 2

Start at SSW corner of the Arizona State University (Tempe) campus

Find the steps on the NNE side of the large building (designed by Frank Lloyd Wright)

Follow the doubled path NNE

At intersection cross road heading E

Continue E up 3 steps

Pass picnic tables and under leaky roof

Go SE weaving through the pillars until you see Archimedes

Go L past Curie, Pasteur, Darwin and Leeuwenhoek Soon you can see Aristotle

Turn L at intersection and walk NNW until you find water

From water continue NNW to the descending steps

From top of steps you can see a stone and glass structure

From top step on N side of that structure (Facing arrays) There is a palm tree at 15 degrees magnetic.

From sidewalk NNE of palm take path @74 deg and walk between the short palms

At intersection go to the red/grey pylon @ 55 deg

Starting with back against E-most leg pylon/tripod go 30 steps straight ahead passing steps on left.

75 steps at 340 degrees

Walk on a heading of 85 degrees

Pass Virginia’s house and the AuH20 center on L

Reach the intersection with the planter with 3 palm trees
On E side planter turn R

Follow path as it passes seating areas with citrus, olive, and carob.

Cross the street to the building with the westward lean.

Facing the thin end of the wedge, if you turn L and take 6 steps you can see a broken bowl

Reverse direction (head W) and follow the road on the western side of the building

You will com to a sidewalk on the L that runs between the building and a big pile of rocks

Take 20 steps along this path there will be an unbroken bowl @ 130 degrees

Go to bowl and count the boulders L to R

Sit on boulder 5. You should then be able to look SSW through the “V” formed by the tree.

The box is in the crevice on R between boulders 5 & 6.

Poke around with a stick to be sure the hiding place is not being shared with a snake or something else equally unpleasant. Consider wearing a work glove when you reach in to help protect against insects. Remember this is still the Sonoran desert and home to rattlesnakes, scorpions and black widow spiders. Seek this box at your own risk and be careful.

ASU Home of the Sun Devils
Hunt this box at your own risk.


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