Water Pocket Fold
Water Pocket Fold Letterbox

This box is located in the Bureau of Land Management Henry Mountain Resource Area.

Start at the corner of highway 24 and Route 1670 (Notom-Bullfrog rd).

This is located East of Capitol Reef NP but is not on national park property (It is on BLM land) between mile post 88 and 89 on Rte 24.

Head SE on 1670. After 5 mile you will pass Notom ranch B&B.

After 7 miles you will pass a sign for 10% grade 1500 ft.

Park in the second parking area (pass Burro Wash on R).

This is opposite the monoltihs on the R in the P-Pullout (between 8-9 miles from start)

Walk to the gap between the monoliths and stand on the E side of the gap between the monoliths

Got to the slanted Rock ENE. At base to R there is a 4 ft dia boulder. Look under boulder. Check for scorpions, spiders or snakes before reaching in.

Although this is a drive by box, it is located in a relatively remote area of the Utah desert. Please take all appropriate precautions before seeking this box. Dress appropriately and carry plenty of food and water when traveling these backroads.

Please visit Capitol Reef National Park

Waterpocket Fold This is a Link to Captiol Reef Geology
Hunt this box at your own risk.


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