Sun Devil Letterbox 3 --ASU West
Sun Devil Letterbox 3 -- ASU West

Start at the University Gates (1991) near the corner if 47th Avenue and University Way North

From the south side of gates proceed to the bell on right then ahead to the faceless reader.

Proceed south along the collumnnade. At end turn Right and continue along collumnade to the rabbit. Examine fountain on Right (optional) .

From rabbit follow tree-lined walkway east.

Turn right at first set of steps and proceed south along collumnade.

Near end turn left and pass between two crescent ponds and along collumnade east.

Turn left at first chance asnd proceed into courtyard to the spiral fountain (may be dry).

Proceed north through courtyard and out the other side. Descend steps and look left to see coyote.

At side walk at base of steps turn and proceed east.

Pass an arbor on right and note botanical garden on left.

Ascend stairs on right (south) and continue along collumnade. Pass opening to courtyard on right.

At end of collumnade turn right and proceed 20 steps to stairwell on right.

Look underneath bottom step.

Hunt this box at your own risk.


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