The Oak Tree Letterbox
The Oak Tree Letterbox

"All our hopes were blasted by this unhappy affair"

"We will bag the fox in the morning!"

But by the morning the fox was gone.

The 55th retreated down the Kings Highway and the 17th was overwhelmed.

That afternoon a man lay under the oak tree.

From the oak tree you could see the last house the man lived in, but it
wasn't his.

From the rear of the carriage house a trail enters the woods that weren't
there before on a bearing of 150 degrees magnetic.

Turn right to 260 deg at the intersection. Off to one side you see four
stone tablets.

Follow the trail until you can turn left to 180 deg onto another trail.

Follow until you can turn left to 120 (you should see a green pole

Turn and follow the new trail to the first left (340).

Turn left and follow the trail as it curves through the forest

You will pass a tree in the middle of the trail keep going. Eventually you
will pass four trees standing in a row in the middle of the trail keep

Finally you will come to a place where an intersection with another trail
forms a triangle. A solitary tree and a clump of trees stand in this triangle

From the lone tree 19 paces on 144 deg brings you to two trees standing
together on the side of the trail like a doorway

Take 10 paces from between the two trees on 82 deg to a maple tree. The
box is under a rock behind the tree.