CBI Theater
CBI Theater

These Boxes were planted on Veterans Day 2009 to commemorate the forgotten theater of WWII: The China, Burma, India Theater, the men, and two of the commanders that served there.

Claire Chennault
Lieutenant General Claire Lee Chennault (6 September 1893 27 July 1958), was an American military aviator who commanded the "Flying Tigers" and later the 14th Air Force during World War II.

Vinegar Joe Stilwell
General Joseph Warren Stilwell (March 19, 1883 October 12, 1946) was a United States Army four-star General best-known for his service in China and Burma. His contempt for formal military dress, his concern for the enlisted man, and his caustic personality would gain him two sobriquets: "Uncle Joe" and "Vinegar Joe."
Stilwell died of stomach cancer on October 12, 1946 at the Presidio of San Francisco, while still on active duty. His ashes were scattered on the Pacific Ocean

Box 1: CBI
In Golden Gate Park start at the NNW end of North lake by the green benches picnic table and drinking fountain,

Follow the westerly path 48 steps the turn right for 15 steps then continue westerly

38 steps to no parking

48 steps trending to SSW to a large log fit for sitting.

Behind the log is a 5ft stump of a tree. From this stump looking W is a trail heading 220 deg magnetic. Follow this for 105 steps to a intersection of trails.

Continue SSW through intersection 70 steps at which point there will be a low cedar stump at 85 deg and 30 steps of the trail.

The CBI Badge is in the center of the stump.

Box 2: Claire Chennault
Find your way to the north end of South Lake.

There is a granite bench dedicated to Fidelia Jewett and Lillien Martin.

From this bench cross to the NNE corner of the parking lot tha lies north of the lake.

Follow the bridal trail bearing 55 deg to the left of a giant eucalyptus.

210 steps to long green bench.

Turn left to 290 deg. 100 steps then tun right at a 5 trunked eucalyptus.

95 step to a low stone structure.

Go to the first and largest of two double trunked eucalyptus on right.

On left side of tree, facing crotch in cleft at base.

Box 3: Vinegar Joe Stilwell
Return to the granite bench at South Lake.

Follow the narrow trail to the SW for 60 steps to a green bench on the left.

Sitting on the north end of the bench, reach behind the support to under the foliage directly behind.

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