Pericles Prince of Tyre
Pericles Prince of Tyre Box 1: Antiochus the Great

This series of boxes are based on the play "Pericles Prince of Tyre" by William Shakespeare and George Wilkins. Each of the boxes is based one one of the cities visited by Pericles, the hero of the play.

To sing a song that old was sung,
From ashes ancient Gower is come,
Assuming man's infirmities,
To glad your ear and please your eyes.

This' Antioch, then; Antiochus the Great
Built up this city for his chiefest seat,
The fairest in all SyriaŚ
I tell you what mine authors say.
This king unto him took a peer,
Who died and left a female heir,
So buxom, blithe, and full of face
As heaven had lent her all his grace;
With whom the father liking took,
And her to incest did provokeŚ
Bad child, worse father, to entice his own
To evil should be done by none.
But custom what they did begin
Was with long use account'd no sin.
The beauty of this sinful dame
Made many princes thither frame
To seek her as a bedfellow,
In marriage pleasures playfellow;
Which to prevent he made a law,
To keep her still and men in awe,
That whoso ask'd her for his wife,
His riddle told not, lost his life.
So for her many a wight did die

In the city of King Antiochus find the two regional parks that share a border.

Staging area for the old homestead trail lies at the end of Frederickson Lane before it turns the corner and enters the park.

Follow the Old Homestead trail to its junction with the acorn trail.

From this junction go 100 steps WNW on the Homestead Loop trail.

There will be a rock out crop on the left and a dead tree on the right. Under the north side of the tree behind a rock is the likeness of the king.

Total roundtrip distance 4 miles. The Ultimate Free Shakespeare Resource
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