Pericles Prince of Tyre
Pericles Prince of Tyre Box 3: Pentapolis

This series of boxes are based on the play "Pericles Prince of Tyre" by William Shakespeare and George Wilkins. Each of the boxes is based one one of the cities visited by Pericles, the hero of the play.

Pericles leaves tharsus, his ship is diverted by a storm, and he finds himself shipwrecked on the shores of Pentapolis. He is rescued by a group of poor fishermen who inform him that the King of Pentapolis, Simonedes, is holding a tournament the next day and that the winner will receive the hand of his daughter Thaisa in marriage. Fortunately, one of the fishermen drags Pericles' suit of armor on shore that very moment and the prince decides to enter the tournament. Although his equipment is rusty, Pericles wins the tournament and the hand of Thaisa (who is deeply attracted to him) in marriage. Simonedes initially expresses doubt about the union, but soon comes to like Pericles and allows them to wed.

The park entrance is off of Guadalupe Canyon
Parkway. Once pass the entry kiosk, follow the signs for trail head parking.

From the trail head parking follow the signs for the summit loop trail These clues are written to follow the loop in a counter clockwise direction. When you get to the
junction of the where the summit trail runs in two directions go right.

Halfway around the summit loop trail you will come to a trail marker on the up hill side of the trail. From this marker Sutro tower will be at 340 deg magnetic. The leftmost tower on the summit will be at 95 deg and in the distance the summit of Mount Diablo will be at 51 deg.

If you encounter the paved road on the ridge, you have gone too far.

Retrace 210 steps. On the uphill side of the trail will be a low bush. Pericles' rusted armor is under a SPOR behind the and under the bush.

12 steps further down the trail you will pass between 2 boulders on either side of the trail--this is too far.

Please rehide the box well and continue in either direction on the Summit Loop trail to return to the parking lot.

Total roundtrip distance: approx 3.1 miles.
Elevation gain: approx 700 ft The Ultimate Free Shakespeare Resource
Hunt this box at your own risk.


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