Uvas Canyon Letterbox #2
Uvas Canyon Letterbox #2

The Uvas Canyon County Park is located at:

8515 Croy Rd., Morgan Hill, CA 95037
You can reach the park office at (408) 779-9232

Uvas Canyon County Park is located at the end of Croy Road in Uvas Canyon.
From Highway 101, take Bernal Road west. Turn left on Santa Teresa Boulevard. Travel south three miles and turn right onto Bailey Avenue. Follow Bailey Road 2.3 miles to McKean Road. Turn left onto McKean Road (McKean Road becomes Uvas Road 2.2 miles south of Bailey Road). From Bailey Road travel 6 miles south on McKean/Uvas Road and turn right onto Croy Road. Continue 4.4 miles on Croy Road, through Sveadal, to reach the Park entrance. Sveadal is a private resort belonging to the Swedish American Patriotic League. Please respect their privacy and drive slowly as you pass through Sveadal.

There is a fee to enter the park. Pay as you enter and park at the day use lot. There are Trail maps available at the park or at the URL below (PDF file).

Follow the road above the parking lot to the Waterfall Loop Trail. Follow this trail upward to the upper falls. At that point continue upward on the contour trail to where it crosses Swansen creek.

From the creek crossing retrace 80 steps to a triple trunk tree on the creek side of the trail. At the base of the tree on the creek side there is a hollow. The box is inside tucked out of sight.

Please carefully re-hide the box.

Without any side trips, this is a 1.5 mile round trip. Allow at least 1 hours. In reality you will probably want to spend half a day wandering around this park to see all the waterfalls and the other letterboxes therein. This park is at its best during the wet season when the flow of water over the falls is at its greatest.

Uvas Canyon This is a Link to Santa Clara County Parks
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