Pericles Prince of Tyre
Pericles Prince of Tyre Box 4: Ephesus

This series of boxes are based on the play "Pericles Prince of Tyre" by William Shakespeare and George Wilkins. Each of the boxes is based one one of the cities visited by Pericles, the hero of the play.

In Tyre, civil unrest is brewing, as Pericles has been away for so long. Helicanus is persuaded that, if Pericles does not return within a year, he should become lord of Tyre. Receiving this news, Pericles leaves for Tyre. In the middle of a storm, the pregnant Thaisa gives birth to Marina. Thaisa appears to die, and is put overboard in a chest. Pericles then makes for Tarsus. He leaves his daughter and her nurse Lychorida in the care of Cleon and Dionyza, and returns to Tyre. The box containing Thaisa washes up on the shores of Ephesus. There Cerimon revives her, and, thinking she will never see Pericles again, she becomes a nun at Diana’s temple.

Start at the Ziele Creek entrance to Garin Regional park; Off of Ziele Creek drive in Hayward (Near California State University, East Bay)

Follow the Ziele Creek Trail west (0.66 Miles) to the Vista Peak loop trail follow this trail SSE (0.44 miles) to the trail post the westernmost corner of the Vista Peak loop (indicating the corner of Vista Peak Loop and Vista Peak Loop).

After this trail post continue SE and down hill past Eucalyptus on the right hand side. After about 0.4 mlies you will see two solitary olive trees on the left and a lovely panorama of the bay on the Right. Find the boulder behind the southernmost olive tree. From this boulder you will notice trees on the ridge at 75 deg magnetic. Use the social trail to go uphill to them.

Find the easternmost bay tree with a view of the two olive trees. At the western base of the tree and between the tree and a boulder, hidden by lichen covered rocks is lies Pericles ship.

Total roundtrip distance: approx 3 miles. The Ultimate Free Shakespeare Resource
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