South Mountain Letterbox 1 and 2

South Mountain Park Letterbox 1
Placed 01.01.00

Allow 4 hours for this box.

Hunt this box at your own risk.

This box is located in the lower Sonoran Desert.
Beware of poisonous reptiles, scorpions, and spiders. Avoid reaching for hand holds above your line of sight.

Temperatures can exceed 115 degrees during the summer months. Be certain that you have plenty of water and wear protective clothing.

This box is located in South Mountain Park: the largest municipal park in the U.S.
Maps of the park are available at the park entrances

Take National trail east from Buena Vista.

Pass 13.

You should reach a saddle where you can see Squaw Peak and Camelback.

At this point there should be a cleft in the rocks at 40 degrees magnetic.

To the right and below the cleft is a flat gravelly area. This is behind the rocks adjacent to the trail

From the center of this flat area:

Squaw peak: 348 deg.
Palo verdes: 140 deg and 60 deg
A saddle: 324 deg
A rock: 270 deg.

The box is behind the rock. Be careful when retrieving it. Beware of poisonous reptiles, scorpions, and spiders. For this reason, it may be best to use a walking stick to retrieve the box.


Hunt this box at your own risk


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