Ringwood Letterbox
Ringwood Letterbox

Placed 5/6/01
Hunt this box at your own risk.

For USGS topographic map use Ramsey 7.5 minute quadrangle.

Alternatively, one can obtain the North Jersey Trails maps from the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference (http://www.nynjtc.org/).
Ringwood State Park trails are on Map 22 (North Jersey Trails Eastern Portion). Although not to as fine a scale as the 7.5 min quads,
they are printed on Tyvek and do indicate trail names and the color of the trail blazes so I recommend them highly.

This is a 6 mile loop hike through the natural areas of the park.

The trail is fairly easy with just a few steep areas

Allow 4-5 hours for this box.

There is no access to potable water on the trail. Treat all water from streams and lakes prior to consuming.

This box is in Ringwood State Park North of Ringwood NJ.
The park entrance is on Sloatsburg Rd off of route 511.

The park is the home of the NJ Botanical Gardens.

Park in a lot near the Botanical gardens and Skyland manor House.

You can obtain a crude trail map from the park office. At the time of this writing, the current map was not entirely up to date. The map does not show the green trail continuing past the blue trail and intersecting with the yellow trail NE of Bear Swamp lake. The NY-NJ trail conference map is up to date in this regard.

Although mountain biking is prohibited on single track trail, you may encounter mountain bikers.

Behind the carriage house is the trailhead for the green-blazed Halifax trail. Follow this trail for about 3 miles where it intersects with the yellow trail.

On your way you will twice pass over the right of way for a buried pipeline. Continue following the green blazes.

Eventually you will notice a long outcrop of stone running parallel to and to the right of the trail. As you pass this you will begin a gradually steepening descent into a valley and come to the junction with the yellow trail.

Turn right on to the yellow trail and follow it for a short distance passing the northern end of Bear
Swamp. You will soon come to a point where the yellow and blue trails coincide. Further on the yellow trail splits off to the right.

Follow the yellow trail as it starts uphill. It will soon flatten out and you will notice a boulder the size of a small cottage on the right across the trail from a two trunked tree with yellow blazes on each trunk.

20 meters away from the tree, on a bearing of 230 magnetic, is a boulder the size of a small car.

From the southern corner of this boulder, 21 meters away on a bearing of 209, is a dead tree with two trunks.

What you seek is in the crotch between the trunks

Retrace your steps or continue on the yellow trail until it meets the white trail. Take the white trail to the right (NW) and follow it back to the botanical gardens where you started. At the time of this writing, the blazes on the white trail were old and sometimes difficult to see. The trail map can be very helpful for this portion of the hike.

Be sure to check out the Gardens.


Hunt this box at your own risk


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