Sourland Preserve Letterboxes
Sourland Preserve Letterboxes

The Sourland Preserve is a 2600 acre park owned by the Somerset County Park Commission

Directions to the park:

From Route 206
Southbound: Follow Route 206 through Somerville and Hillsborough - approximately six miles from the Somerville Circle to
Route 514 which is Amwell Road. Make a right turn onto Amwell Road and proceed one and a half miles to East Mountain Road.
Turn left onto East Mountain Road. Travel for one mile, and you will see the Sourland Mountain Preserve entrance sign on the

Northbound: Follow Route 206 through Princeton and Montgomery. Traveling up a small ramp, make a left onto Route 601.
Follow Route 601, and make a right turn onto East Mountain Road by Carrier Foundation. Travel for one mile, and you will see
the Sourland Mountain Preserve entrance sign on the left.

From Route 287
Southbound: Follow Route 287 South to Exit 17 (Somerville/Routes 202/206 South). When the highways split, take Route 206
South. Follow the Route 206 South directions.
Northbound: Follow Route 287 North to Route 22 West. Follow the Route 22 directions below.

From Route 22
Westbound: Follow Route 22 to Routes 202/206 South. When the highways split take Route 206 South. Follow directions from
Route 206 South.
Eastbound: After Milltown Road in Bridgewater, take the next exit off of Route 22 eastbound, onto Route 28. After 2 miles,
Route 28 will intersect Route 206 South. Follow directions from Route 206 South.

Maps of the preserve are available at the information kiosk adjacent to the parking lot.

This is a 4 mile loop hike over mostly easy to moderate terrain. There is one short very steep stretch along the trail that may be hazardous when icy. Allow 2.5 - 3 hours to find these boxes. The boxes are on the trail with the square blazes. At the time the boxes were planted Boy Scouts were placing the trail blazes so the trail should be well marked by now.

From the information kiosk proceed to the trail head and follow the square blazed trail as it slowly ascends the hill. In addition to the trail blazes notice the numbered intersection markers.

Just past number 6 you will notice a service project. From the uppermost end of the project folllow a bearing of 55 deg magnetic for 30 meters. There is a flat boulder to the NNE. From there you will notice a large boulder on a bearing of 99 deg. There is a large flat rock behind that boulder

Look under the easternmost end of the large flat rock.

For box two continue down the square trail in the direction you were travelling.

At intersection #7 take the square trail heads SSW.

As you follow along the trail you will eventually cross a wooden bridge over a creek. Immediately thereafter you will pass the ruins of a stone structure on the left of the trail. You will then find intersection #9.

At this point, retrace your steps coing past the ruins and back over the bridge.

After passing over the creek the trail heads uphill for a shrt distance. As it levels out again you will see an unmarked trail heading off at 257 deg. Follow it for 29 step and you will reach another old stone structure in the forest.

From the southernmost end of the structure go 21 steps on a bearing of 204 deg.

It's under the rocks.

Warning: Do not climb or walk on any of the stone structures. They are old and full of loose stones. A fall could result in injury or death.


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