Black Hills S.D. Letterbox 1
Black Hills S.D. Letterbox 1

Placed 7.4.01 The first letterbox in South Dakota

Hunt this box at your own risk.

This box is placed adjacent to trail #9 just below the summit of Harney Peak, the tallest mountain in South Dakota and a popular hiking destination.

For USGS topo use Custer 7.5 minute quadrangle.

The trailhnead is at Sylvan Lake in Custer State Park,. There is a park use fee.

The trailhead for trail number 9 is located at the nortwest end of Sylvan Lake. There is a large sign at the trailhead describing the trail. The trail itself is well marked and heavily traveled.

Allow 4-5 hours for this box: 6 miles round trip over moderately strenuous trails There is no potable water on the trail. Do not hunt this box in inclement weather or if inclement weather is threatening. Allow adequate time to return before dark.

Follow trail #9 to the summit of Harney peak (7242 ft)

Descend Harney Peak and pass the horse tie up area and start to retrace your steps down trail number 9.

You will notice that as you begin your descent you will start on the west side of the ridge then transit to the east side.

Once the trail is on the east side of the ridge it will soon head SSE. At this point you will come to a rock outcrop on the left which affords a clear view to the NE.

3 boulders sit along the northern edge of the outcrop. Stand between the western most pair of boulders. From there you will see two flat boulders at 350 deg magnetic and 15 paces.

Look between the two boulders and under some dead wood. Please be cautious when searching for and uncovering this box. There maybe dangerous animals lurking under the wood.

Please be aware that this trail is heavily travelled and be discrete when uncovering and handling the box. Please ensure that it is well hidden before you leave.

Hunt this box at your own risk.


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