Bowman's Hill Letterbox
Bowman's Hill Letterbox

This box is hidden in the vicinity of Bowman's Hill wilflower preserve adjacent to Washington's crossing State park in Pennsylvania.

Start in the wildflower preserve. You can obtain trail maps at the visitors center.

Start in Penn's Woods at the Gazebo.
Take the trail at 252*

Count 4 Red Cedars along the right. You should be across from a Hop Tree.

There is a three-trunked Red Maple on the right. 190* from the red maple there is a scarlet oak.

210* from the Scarlet Oak and beyond some white oaks there is a Sugar Maple which is 180* from a post oak..

At 296* from the sugar maple there is split trunk Canada Hemlock. From there it is 280* to a White Pine.

From the White Pine it is 300* to a Pitch Pine then 318* till you find a forked red maple adjacent to the road.

As you walk NE along the road you notice a Black Chokeberry, a Fringe Tree, a Paper Birch, a Red Bud, and then a Yellow Oak on the side of the path.

At 196* from the Yellow Oak you will find a Black Haw then follow the path past two Pawpaws at 200* and you will see an Umbrella Magnolia on the right.

Walk on past three Sweet Gums and eventually you will find two Rose Bay Rhododendrons in a row.

Continue to the Sour Gum at which point it is 195* to a Lea oak then 144* to a Chestnut Oak.

At 144* you will find a Post Oak that will look familiar. Look for a familiar Sugar Maple.

There is a Beech at 124* from that Sugar Maple and a Bladdernut and a Mockernut Hickory at 170*.

Continue on the trail 150* past, my favorite, the Flowering Dogwood.

Just befor you hit the road you will pass a Sweet Birch and across the road is a Shagbark Hickory (208*)

Take the Ecology trail to outside the fence, turn left and follow the path along side of the fence

About 1/4 of your way along you will pass above the weir. Look for an ahead tree on the right side of the trail. Just past this tree is a trail on the right that head up the hill.

Follow this trail for Fringe tree (paces) to a small tree with a blue blaze

Then Bladdernut - Flowering Dogwood - Scarlet Oak to another tree with a blue blaze

On the opposite side of the trail from a forked tree and Paper Birch + Yellow oak - Red Bud above the last tree with a blue blaze there is a game trail running at Scarlet Oak-Yellow Oak *.

Follow that trail for 1/2 Post oak and you will come to a big boulder by a big tree. Continue fot the other 1/2 of the Post Oak and you should come to a 6 stone donut.

Another Fringe tree along Bladdernut - Sugar maple- Black haw- Yellow Oak * and you will come to the remnants of a stone wall running Canada Hemlock -Post oak.

Follow along the wall for Lea Oak and you will find a table of two flat stones and three twisted saplings.

It's under the table.